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When you become a franchise owner, you join a team of people building their businesses right alongside of you. We are generous with our knowledge, insight, and support. We talk often, have fun together, and cheer each other on. CityDock community is unique, and it will be a gift to you.

CityDock is offering an unique business with no competition, in an ever-growing mobility world. It is an opportunity that is valid and in demand right now, Covid-19 crisis encouraged even more the use of e-scooters.

CityDock | Micromobility Charging Solutions


CityDock offers more and better training than other franchise opportunities, and it’s all included in your initial franchise fees.

With CityDock, you’ll get a dedicated Discovery Day where you’ll meet our corporate team and discuss your personal business goals. This day is all about you.

You’ll also attend 2 full days of training at our headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, to prepare you for the successful opening of your own CityDock franchise.

During this days, our Chief Operating Officer and her team will train you on everything from hiring the best people to managing payroll.

We hold monthly franchise calls, annual conferences, and have a responsive and dedicated corporate team ready to help you every step of the way.

With CityDock, you will be completely equipped to build and own a successful business.


When you join the CityDock team, we are completely committed to your success. No matter how big we grow, we will always be a small business. Our founder, Marian, is involved in the day-to-day management of the company.

The support that CityDock gives its franchise owners is unique and a huge advantage. We provide resources to support every facet of your business, and our team is available and responsive to your individual questions and needs.

The amazing part of our business model is that you can generate a high annual income. Technology and innovation through mobile devices, our servers and cloud computing allow CityDock’s franchisees to manage their franchise from anywhere, at any time.

CityDock | Micromobility Charging Solutions


Our corporate team doesn’t just promote the national CityDock brand – we provide strategic, tactical support for your business. We provide geo-specific digital advertising, playbooks, and strategic initiatives that increase awareness of your business and get foot traffic in your door.

We are also paying special attention to social media accounts and measure the engagement with sites like SocialBakers, BuzzSomo and Google Analytics in order to have the best result.

CityDock | Micromobility Charging Solutions


We are here to support you with ongoing business consultation, access to CityDock’s corporate management team, and continuous corporate training and guidance. If you are interested in learning how you can join the CityDock team, we want to hear from you!